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A Dream World of Changes

A Dream World of Changes SO MANY CHANGES Around this time of the year, I seem to go through tremendous changes. Usually, when coming from

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Gratitude Although, thanksgiving is celebrated today, gratitude is something we can all benefit from every day in our lives.  I’ve had messages of

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How to Prevent Fibroids

AYURVEDIC TREATMENT is based on the doshas (biological humors) affected and the type of fibroids. Ayurvedic herbal treatments, multimodalities of

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How Can A Virus Cause Cancer?

CAN A VIRUS CAUSE CANCER? Viruses use cellular mechanisms of transcription and translation (turning DNA to RNA and RNA to proteins) to replicate

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Fall in Love with Uncertainty

TO FALL IN LOVE WITH UNCERTAINTY MINDFUL • FEARLESS • COMMITTED•    GREATER AWARENESS Increase awareness in the patterns and narratives that

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