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Sāṅkhya Conception™ : Divine embodiment of Highly Evolved Souls; an Ayurvedic, Sufi and Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) approaches to understanding, supporting, nurturing, protecting, and  helping highly evolved souls to embody and be born.  Additional multi-modality approach of fertility are also observed. A journey for couples or single mothers-to-be from pre-conception, to conception, to birth and until child reaches the age of 7.


FERTILITY :  an Ayurvedic and Integrative Medicine approach to strengthen your reproductive system. Multi-modality-approach includes but not limited to  the use of Ayurvedic herbs, Mother's mental health, couples' support, lifestyle changes, nutrition, etc. ...


DIGESTIVE HEALTH  : With a healthy digestive system, the great sages of Ayurvedic medicine  observed  there was almost no need for medicine  because at least 80% of the diseases were due to poor digestion. Ayurveda has a plethora of modalities to improve your gut health,  restore proper digestion and proper elimination. This in turn will greatly improve your overall health, stamina, mental clarity, and chronic fatigue.


Women's Health  : A multi-modality approach to addressing and supporting women's health through reproductive, peri-menopause, and menopausal years. Each stage in a women's life from girlhood to wisdom-hood has specific needs. Ayurveda addresses and provides what is needed to stay healthy, vibrant at each phase.


MEN'S HEALT : A multi-modality approach to addressing and supporting men's health: Sperm health, libido,  and overall-well-being emotionally and physically. Ayurveda addresses and provides solutions to most men's common concerns.


Spiritual health: SPIRITUAL HEALTH is a cornerstone of one’s internal world wellbeing. It does not matter what religion one follows. Spiritual well-being is to arrive in a place within oneself that makes sense, is cohesive and supports one according to one’s own free will.


Difficulty in sexual performance or lack of libido...


Lack of sexual desire, painful intercourse, dryness...

GIRLS & MENARCHE: First Time Menstruation

Emotional, physiological, and spiritual support and ceremony to help young girls ease into their womanhood, how to start a healthy menstruation with ease and comfort, how to stay hormonally balanced for the rest of their lives, etc....


Coming into term with sexual identity? Exploration of the true Self. Vedic Exploration of the sexual role/identity the Soul clothes itself with and assumes ....


emotional health : Mental Health is paramount to proceeding with any health goal one may have. How one feels, how one responds to environmental and emotional stressors affect how the body functions physiologically. emotional state,  long held trauma and generational trauma embedded at the cellular level must be addressed before beginning a road to optimum health. The use of advanced EMDR, CBT, Patients Narrative Therapy, Ayurvedic Marma Clinical Therapy, and spiritual awareness are some of the modalities used towards the road to recovery.


SEMA YOGA : SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO HEAL AFRICAN DESCENDANTS. This is Yoga performed in ancient Egypt (Kemet) thousands of years ago, with the goal to reconnect with one's true Self and explore the archetypes of the Egyptian gods within one’s psyche.  Through the physical poses, one can meditate on a particular attribute that one would like to develop more within oneself.  The physical yoga poses benefit the body, mind and spirit. The purpose is to reconnect deeply with oneself on all levels. This can heal long held trauma and eliminate false belief about one's authentic identity within a social construct, and boost self-esteem, strengthen one's way of navigating the world internally and externally, and lead to self-discovery of one's true Self and purpose.


Vaastu : AYURVEDA pays close attention to our physical environment's health (our home) and its impact on our physical health. A consultation can help you establish a healthier, harmonious and suitable home for you and your family. Healthy homes with proper directions according to the lay lines of the land and the rising sun support harmonious relationships, health, wealth, and spiritual development of its occupants.


WOMEN'S TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE COACHING: Supporting you to discover your true north, your innate gifts and live life according to your own inner compass.

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