Dr. Jupiter-Ajah-Christine Fambo,

Dr. Jupiter-Ajah-Christine Fambo, R.A.D., MS, MFA, EMT, CTP

My Story & Why I am committed to what I do.

Kumāra bharana in Sanskrit means “achievement of conception, maintenance of pregnancy, and a healthy baby.”

I took interest in Ob/Gyn at the age of 3 when I witnessed a woman give birth. I thought then that women’s ability to give birth was the greatest magic on Earth. The experience mesmerized me and linked me further into communing with the Divine. I had a conversation with God and Christ about the new baby and how magical it was. Without ever having been introduced to any religion, God and Christ were my constant companions with whom I did everything and shared all my inner conversations and thoughts with. I did so, because I was a fortunate little girl who spent my days from dawn to sunset alone roaming forests and planting food. Why Christ? My memory precedes my current birth, and there, Christ was a friend. So, in this lifetime, our friendship has continued.

Why our birth as a baby, our Soul’s embodiment fascinates me?

I’d like to share my story earlier than the day I witnessed the miraculous birth of the child.

This new life of roaming forests from dawn to sunset began after my older brother had died in my arms at the age of 2. I was later placed into a new family that were farmers in a village. My new mother loved me like Divine Mother herself if she were to come into human form, yet my yearning for my biological mother at that age could not be satisfied by anyone else but her. Thus, having already experienced the separation from my brother who was my best friend, with whom I had a telepathic communication with because I did not have nor needed human verbal language then, I stayed open to our spiritual nature as children do. Prior to my brother’s transition, I was not using words to communicate, however, I clearly remember that as soon as my brother had transitioned, my brain downloaded rapidly verbal language.  My brain needed to shift very fast because I needed to tell my mother about the death of my brother and how I had tried to revive him. 

Though I started communicating with words on that day, I was much more in tune with the divine world than with human world because I understood my brother just went home by leaving his body. In the outside world around me, I was witnessing everything in energetic form and had assumed that was the case for my grieving mother. There was no sorrow in me because nature was revealing to me its golden lights everywhere and how potent life was all around me. I existed in that constant state of joy and wonder unless an adult came around to play or love and feed me. When a few months later, I was taken away from my biological mother without her knowledge, my constant companion was the Divine that was present everywhere no matter where I went or with whom I lived. 

At the age of three, now living with my second amazing mother in a village, one glorious morning, I witnessed a pregnant woman go to take a shower but went into labor. Her labor was short … her mother went into the shower with her… and then they came out with a baby! Whao!!! How glorious is the mystery of this magical golden light all around called life? I was mesmerized beyond words. My soul uplifted and I was filled with a bliss I could not describe. I was in awe of witnessing the miracle of all Miracles: birth of a new Soul into human form! And of course, God and Christ had to talk to me about it because as a 3 years-old human, my brain was asking God all kinds of questions but most importantly, I was telling God and Jesus the magic of the whole thing.  I must say it has never occurred to me to talk to human adults around me about anything because I had assumed that everyone was talking to God and probably experiencing the same thing as I was.

Stepping into Western (Allopathic) Medicine

Fast forward years later, in a new country, new parents, new language, new culture, new people, behaviors and social norms are different…. I went through middle school and high school and now in college at George Washington University in D.C. I was fortunate despite many challenges, to find an incredible Ob/Gyn doctor Elizabeth Garreau who took me under her wings and allowed me to intern with her during surgeries at the hospital and during patients visits in her private office. I witnessed births, surgeries to correct women’s reproductive diseases complications, and I witnessed death of twins in a perfectly healthy pregnancy that suddenly at term, ended in stillbirths! What was this? Why would a healthy pregnancy with a seemingly happy woman suddenly end in such a devastating way? 

I was shy, insecure, fragile, confused… and had somewhat disconnected long time ago with my deep conscious connection with Christ and God because after changing families and cultures, my human mind had come to the realization that human adults did not care or have much any connection with God… most of them did not even believe in God… to fit in my human relationships, I had lost the close communication I had before… and the devastating effect of that loss was that I had become a very weak person with lots of insecurities and absolutely had no idea what or how people around me felt or what they wanted from me. In my attempt to make sure they were okay in my presence, I became overly polite and overbearing. This insecurity caused me such a fear that I became so shamed for waking up my medical mentor Dr. Garreau  in the middle of the night to find out what time she wanted me at the hospital the next day. She was humanly visibly irritated considering she barely had any sleep and thought I was calling because of an emergency delivery… I could not handle having disturbed her, so I stopped interning with her.

I went on to intern at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the pediatric department… here I witnessed children under all kinds of health conditions with parents holding on to their faith and hope that the doctors will surely find a solution to the incurable diseases their children were suffering! Then there were those in coma and I would play music for them on a lap harp… but not being a musician, I felt like a fraud that I attempted to sooth those in coma with some music… although now at my age, I realized it was actually a very good thing I was doing. With children in the playroom who were feeling good enough, I did fine arts with them. Arts was easy for me because it was my language since the age of 8 when I picked up a pencil, painted for the first time … the age I began school… the children loved arts and their smiles and laughter filled me even though many of them will not make it alive or live with a permanent health solution out of the hospital.

Arts , Film Directing, Consciousness – Shattering the Unbreakable Into Pieces, & Miracle of Miracles.

My life took many turns. I left medical science and got a master’s degree (MFA) in film directing and producing for screen and stage…. I was feeling a need to make movies to uplift humanity and empower women… Divinity started to find a voice in me again but it took a devastating life experience to shatter my soul into pieces in order to rebuild me. In college, I was gifted with a life in my own womb. Still being a fragile and insecure young woman (contrary to whom I was as a child), I fell deeply under the pressure of those around me to not enjoy my pregnancy or keep it despite all my protestations and proposal for many other solutions than termination.  After I acquiesced to the wills of those around me, my Soul broke into pieces.  I realized what a tremendous danger women are in when they lose their will power. Without their inner power, women lose the ability to make the world better, they lose the ability to bring their inner gifts to the world, they lose their identity and become shells. The desire to support women to unleash their inner power awakened within me, however, I needed to awaken my own divinity first.  In the process of rebuilding me, I met my third inner guru, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo … I woke up from a dream in which he spent a lot of time with me. Upon awakening Hazrat Sultan Bahoo told me when I asked “who are you?”  He announced his name and told me there were 2 ways to spell it… there were no internet info on such a person at that time… he is a Sufi Master I will learn years later and indeed he does say in his writings what happens when one chooses how to spell his name… How I chose to spell his name was correct for my life purpose unbeknownst to me then… About the same time, my past life connection to the ancient Kemetic Gods/people (Egyptian) awoke and they came to help put me together. Then, I discovered SRF of Paramahansa Yogananda when Krishna (whom I did not know then) awoke within me like a fire… I ended up at Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades and discovered my beloved Jesus, Krishna, God, and all faiths were celebrated there…

Wanting to grow more my authentic self and to come into womanhood, I embarked on a trip to interview wise people about the meaning of wisdom and how to become wise.  Needless to say, I passionately fell in love with each person that I sat down to interview. I no longer cared about wisdom because Love took possession of me literally to a point that I had to remind myself at the end of the day to eat because I had no hunger. I was filled with Divine Love. The film became “Conscious Love” and was distributed by Gaia /Vivandi .

Then, I ended in Manhattan and worked with prime ministers visiting the UN to plead for the well-being of their countries and peoples…. Great eye-opening into the state of the world and the truth behind all the turmoil in the world, coupled with the perspective of having being raised by a mother who worked at the World Bank and at the IMF, and a father who was Peace Corps director in two countries … then CRS director in a country torn by wars…

My need to use my skills to support humanity in a bigger way one day awoke this time with no illusion to what is really happening politically versus capitalism. The upliftment of women and children in disfranchised nations is dire for humanity’s wellbeing.

My return to California gave me another experience of how the banking industry treats economically disadvantaged people… which broke my heart… this job was short-lived.

Then, God made it very clear I am to become a mother when I was not even dating anyone. Fast forward, the conception and birth of my child proved to me once again how powerful Divinity is in the midst of all of us regardless of our conscious knowledge of It or not, and the miraculous embodiment of the Soul.

How Ayurveda chose me.

Years later, I got sick due to the overuse of my body for completing a monumental project…. Doctors took all kinds of tests but could not find the cause. I was offered all kinds of medications and even surgery suggestion… I spent hundreds of dollars for no solution. Doing basic tasks such as feeding my child or driving him to school was a problem because I was exhausted, in pain, and dizzy with blurry visions. I had no strength to climb stairs without taking breaks and trying to breath…

One day, I came home with hundreds of dollars’ worth of medications … when I tried to take one of the pills, a voice screamed “NO” and asked me to treat myself with Ayurveda. I did not know what Ayurveda was, so I listened and I ordered a book on Ayurveda. Within a week of using simple Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle changes, I cured myself of my mysterious ailment.

I fell in love with Ayurveda! I enrolled in 1 year course of Ayurvedic self-care with my amazing teacher Acharya Chunya whose book I had read and used to treat myself. Her book felt authentic and servant of true Ayurveda.

After experiencing Ayurveda’s powerful healing modalities, I decided to return to school and study Ayurveda formally. This was the right medicine to practice. I attended Maharishi International University and got a Master of Science in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. At the same time that I was attending MIU, I got licensed as an EMT through UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. I further enrolled in another college to deepen all Western science knowledge as when I was a student at George Washington University. To understand better people, I trained and became trauma informed professional. After completing those courses and graduating with a master’s degree of science (MS), I took further Ayurvedic training with other Vaydias (Indian medicine doctors) from India to deepen my knowledge and skills. Thus, I became a registered Ayurvedic Doctor per the requirement of Per the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization) and AYUSH (Indian Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) through AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America).

Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine are a perfect blend of understanding how modern Western (allopathic) medicine treats diseases, how to navigate conventional medicine to understand the patient and find solutions for the same ailments but with Ayurvedic methods that treat the root cause of the disease rather than the symptoms or perform emergency medical treatments, one that allopathic medicine is essential for.  Ayurveda and its various modalities take the whole individual from spirit, mind, body and its environment. From here, Ayurveda aims to partnering with patients/clients and work to eliminate the root cause of their disease.

I am deeply honored that Ayurveda chose me, and I am grateful to the Great Divine Masters who brought this knowledge to humanity. Ayurveda means knowledge of life and it belongs to all beings to use for their betterment for understanding their own divinity within the Universe and their relationship to their bodies and how to maintain proper health for a long-fulfilled life, find contentment and understand life from here and beyond.

I am deeply honored to sacredly take this journey with my patients/clients to support them towards holistically healing their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual ailments. Ayurveda empowers you to take charge of your health and your wellbeing from deep within, from your authentic divine self-embodied in the human body.

Pranam ( My Soul bows to your Soul).

Our Practice is located within Rafi Lounge at 22741 Pacific Cost Hwy., Malibu, CA

What Dr. Jupiter-Ajah Does

At Atili Health & Wellness, Dr. Jupiter-Ajah focuses on your overall health.  What is the root cause of your ailment? Ayurvedic medicine focuses on finding the root cause of a disease and focuses on helping you eliminate it. While allopathic medicine emphasizes symptoms and medications to numb the pain, Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine focus on eliminating what is causing the diseases initially.  Dr. Jupiter-Ajah is passionate about using a multi-modality approach to support you in finding a more lasting health. She will work with you to figure out what are the emotional, physical, environmental, and lifestyle issues that need to be addressed to help you function at your optimum level. Of course, this can only be done with your full participation in taking charge of your own health.

Please keep your primary doctor, and inform him/her about your Ayurvedic care with Dr. Jupiter-Ajah.

As a Registered Ayurvedic Doctor (R.A.D.), she offers a personalized multi-modality approach to Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine to support clients manage their health. Following is a testimonial from a client who recently experienced an incredible shift in a lifelong challenge after only two weeks of working together.

"Prior to meeting Dr. Jupiter, I was feeling confused and out pf source with no energy from time to time. After one visit with Dr. Jupiter, she lovingly advised me on what to eat, what herbs to take. My primary care physician told me my symptoms were normal at my age. Dr. Jupiter took a different approach. She patiently listened to me and then asked what I felt comfortable with. Within two weeks under her care, my mind became much clearer, I felt energized and started to enjoy regular activities. "
Client T

With cross-training in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, trauma therapy, women’s transformational coaching and more, she can address a broad set of needs. Her current clients/patients and passions lead her to focus on women’s health in addition to general integrative medicine services, such as:

  • Fertility and Reproductive Health
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and early family development, including relationship coaching
  • SĀṄKHYA CONCEPTION – Conscious coaching for  relationship and sacred conception. Mental health, emotional wellbeing, and physical health of couples, nurturing of future child leading up to and at the time of conception, and after birth up to the age of seven.
  • Specialized support for conditions including, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, heart disease, digestive challenges, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation, joint pain etc..
  • Standalone services and consulting: 
  • Marma Chikitsa – stimulation of vital points on the body to promote healing and balance
  • Women’s transformational coaching and group facilitation
  • Advanced EMDR trauma processing
  • Vastu consultation to harmonize physical spaces
  • Smai Tawi – Sema-yoga (Ancient Egyptian – Kemetic Yoga) for healing of African descendants and other marginalized peoples
  • Ayurveda lifestyle changes
  • Ayurvedic women’s health
  • Hormonal balance
  • Ayurvedic yoga to balance the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)
She serves clients through in-person treatment in the Los Angeles area and can conduct many services remotely via Zoom. She is also open to synergistic collaboration with like-minded caregivers and practitioners. 
Lovingly yours.

General Health & Wisdom of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic approach of disease looks for the root cause and not merely the symptoms. The basic principles of Ayurveda considers an individual’s specific doshic structure and hence, the treatment of the patient rather than the treatment of the disease. My area of expertise includes holistic approaches to fertility, perimenopause, mental health, pain management for a variety of conditions from join pains, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome and digestive issues, relationships, spiritual counseling, and mental health. It is a holistic approach to health, and as such, I focus on body-mind-spirit. Ayurveda requires that you become responsible for yourself. I am here to assist you to remain in charge of yourself.

Since Ayurveda focuses on the root-cause of the disease, it effectively reduces the risk of severe health complications arising out of the untreated underlying cause. Patients who complete their Ayurveda treatment have a reduced risk of health complications later.

Fertility & Ayurvedic Garbhadana

One of Dr. Jupiter-Ajah’s passions is to help couples conceive healthy and vibrant children while feeling fully supported, in mind, body, and spirit. She begins by addressing client’s emotional health. 

Infertility is the term used when a couple is unable to conceive a baby after having unprotected sex for a year. This may be due to the fact that one of the partners cannot contribute to conception or either the woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. This can be caused by low sperm count in men, low sperm mobility or abnormal sperm; while in women, infertility can be caused by excess intake of alcohol, smoking habits, being obese, exposure to chemicals and excess stress levels. In women, the other factors can be medical conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, uterine problems, tubal factors, ovarian factors and age related factors. 

According to ayurveda, a female’s menstrual cycle and fertility are affected due to improper diet, emotional instability, excessive physical exercise, lifestyle and stress; which are responsible for imbalance in the doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. In male, the main cause of infertility can be hormonal imbalances, tumors, infections, defects in tubules that transport sperm, etc.; which causes vitiation of doshas. 

The main cause for infertility in ayurveda is connected to agnimandya and tridosha dushti.


Physiological Issues / Dis-eases

Ayurveda believes every disease begins at the energetic/atomic level when doshas (biological humors of Vata, Pitta and Kapha) get out of balance due to a variety of causative factors according to each individual. Some of these factors could be genetic, environmental, lifestyle, previous diseases, medications, etc.

To address clients-patients’ physiological issues, Dr. Jupiter-Ajah turns to Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, Ayurvedic herbs, and clinical application of Marma Chikitsa to balance the body and allow it to heal. Her experience in trauma treatment and in creative writing allow her to safely guide her clients in Patient’s Narrative Therapy treatment for PTSD. Narrative Therapy is particularly important to change one’s life direction and start to use the felt-senses to experience life in the body outside of pains. She and her clients/patients find a safety point in the body and mind, and work from there to harmonize and restore mental health. This allows clients/patients to resource from within themselves and get faster to a healthier point.

She believes each individual has within themselves the full potential to heal. She is  only here to assist and support the individual to access their own innate balance, harmony, contentment and health.  Dr. Jupiter-Ajah treats the whole patient: mind, body, and spirit.


As the Vedas state: "Happiness and contentment are our birthrights."

The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine

Dr. Jupiter-Ajah is committed to uplifting, and unleashing women’s power so they may create better lives for themselves according to their own true north, and consequently create a better future for humanity. She also strongly believes that when men operate from their own divinity, from their own authenticity, and fully balanced within their own divine masculine and divine feminine, their own empowerment can hold a space for powerful and awakened women and vice versa. The Divine feminine and the Divine Masculine must be balanced within both men and women to create a healthier world for the wellbeing of all.

When women function from a place of self-power within themselves, there is no limit to what they can create, and ultimately, uplifting humanity as a collective.

Dr. Jupiter-Ajah is committed to the welfare of humanity.  She believes we can only start when we realize that we are powerful beings with tremendous abilities. Women need to realize how much potential they hold, and that they are free to discover their own unique inner gifts to use and create their own lives as they see fit. Then, they can support their family because they now can come from a place of power to do so with integrity, grace, love, intelligence, and wisdom. In this place where the individual inner “Goddess” dwells within each one of us (including within men), relationships (friendships, romantic partnership, work-professional, humanitarian etc.,) can be navigated with more grace and ease because of clarity, purpose, and the willingness to shift the paradigm and create new ones to suit you as you see fit. Our brilliance, love, wisdom, honesty, grace, and purposeful directions are needed in the world.

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