We Tailor To Your Health Needs


We create with you a unique health care plan to help you heal from within. We seek to eliminate the root cause of the disorder, when possible.


We combine Ayurveda & modern science of Integrative Medicine to better serve your specific health care needs. This can only be done with YOU in control of your health and fully a participant. 

We encourage you to keep your primary doctor informed.

Some of Our Services

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Ayurveda determines one's particular constitution according to predominant humor(s) dosha, and makes lifestyle and diet recommendations to boost the immune system and allow the body to restore it's own optimum health. There are many reasons why one's immune system is less than efficient.


AYURVEDA and INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE use nutritional and lifestyle approaches to improve men's overall reproductive health, muscle strength, psychological and social challenges.  Ayurveda also takes in consideration men's overall wellbeing including immunity when considering solution for his health challenges.


Ayurveda has a much  richer approach of understanding women's health and women's body than modern physical and psychological sciences do today.  The Ayurvedic system is not a cure for everything (such as medical emergencies), however, Ayurveda tries to prevent medical emergencies and chronic conditions. AYURVEDA is very well established to help individual women discover the root cause of their particular conditions, balance the hormonal system, facilitate healthy ovulation, nourish the body, mind-spirit and to prepare for conception. Ayurveda also pays very close attention to fetal and maternal requirement on monthly basis, and makes adjustment according to the constitution of the mother, taking into account fetus' needs, and works towards a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  Ayurveda looks at nutrition, the body, lifestyle, social relationships, partner support, and the environment women are in. When necessary, adjustment of lifestyles are advised.


With a great digestion, Ayurveda believes there will be no need for medicine.  A good digestive system prevents at least 70% of diseases we face. AYURVEDA has several tools to find digestive imbalances in the body, detox the body, restore the digestive system. The goal is to be able to eat the appropriate foods according to one's particular health condition, provide a healthy microbiome in the gut, make sure that what one eats can be well processed and assimilated by the body. A healthy digestion can eliminate many chronic diseases.


SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO HEAL AFRICAN DESCENDANTS. This is Yoga performed in ancient Egypt (Kemet) thousands of years ago, where the goal is to reconnect with one's self and explore the archetypes of the Egyptian gods within our psyche.  Through the physical poses, one can meditate on a particular attribute that one would like to develop more within oneself.  The physical yoga poses benefit the body, mind and spirit. The purpose is to reconnect deeply with oneself on all levels. This can heal long held trauma and eliminate false belief about one's self, and boost self-esteem, strengthen one's way of navigating the world internally and externally, and lead to self-discovery of one's true self.


Joint pains are usually due to accumulated toxins and imbalances of the doshas (humors of Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Inflammations and toxins can cause debilitating joint pains. Back pains, knees, and muscle aches can be corrected with Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine.  Through marma therapy, we can minimize various joint pains, or eliminate some when possible. The best approach to these chronic pains is the use of multi-modality approach of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. 


Mental Health is  paramount to proceeding with any other health goal one may have. How we feel, how we respond to environmental and emotional stressors affect how our body functions physiologically. Balancing our state of mind, and long held trauma scars embedded in our tissues, at the cellular level and emotional level are important to getting to and working with to heal. We are experienced in the use of EMDR,  CBT, Patients Narrative Therapy,  Marma Clinical Therapy, Spiritual, and the Trauma Institute's modalities to counseling  to find what best suits your particular state, and what tools you respond to best to heal yourself.


AYURVEDA pays close attention to our physical environment's health (our home) and its impact on our physical health. A consultation can help you establish a healthier, harmonious and suitable home for you and your family.


This counseling is done on needed and requested bases, if one desires to explore meditation modalities, mindfulness and discuss one's spiritual outlook and exploration.